Safety is a prime consideration for Food Union.

Processes implemented in the two Food Union plants in China leverage the European technologies, to ensure that all end products are of the trustable quality.

To monitor the quality of ingredients, such as milk and fruit, as well as our final products, we conduct over 40 chemical, physical and microbiological tests during various phases of the manufacturing process.

To guarantee the necessary standards of compliance, we’d like to abide by more stringent regulations than those imposed by local regulators and at least make sure obey to the local regulators.

Food Union plants

To meet consumer demands for yoghurt with more texture, fresh cheeses and healthy desserts, Food Union commissioned two plants in China, equipped with processing machines and packaging facilities.


Located in HeLinGeEr county near Hohhot city, and situated on over 12 hectares of land, this Food Union plant is dedicated to manufacturing fresh and organic dairy products.

Processes available: AZO (Germany) auto bulk powder handling system. UF fresh cheese process. Yoghurt, set yoghurt, Greek type yoghurt processes. Acid whey valorization. Fully automated cold warehouse.


Located in Hekou district near DongYing city, this plant is sheltered in a land of over 10 hectares and dedicated to manufacturing mostly ambient dairy products.

Processes available: AZO (Germany) auto bulk handling system. Automated skim milk powder recombination system. Reverse osmosis on raw milk to increase protein level. Whey proteins microparticulation process. UHT infusion process: yoghurt, Greek type yoghurt with thermization of white masses. Desserts.