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Food brings people together. We believe in the family values of health, wellbeing and happiness. Whether we’re sharing the science behind our products, highlighting the importance of dairy in a balanced diet, or inspiring families with new recipes and creative ideas to enjoy – our brands and products help to build a better, healthier world for all members of your family.

You can rely on us to create products you can trust.


Building on more than 100 years of experience in European dairy, we create quality products, using food-science technologies, that deliver more nutrition and value to families in China.

Our story starts
with milk

Born in the milk belt of Europe, Food Union brings together the Latvia dairy.

Our heritage spans 100 years of history in dairy products. Taking the trustable practices of the Baltics and uniting the region’s reliable suppliers and manufacturers, Food Union was founded in 2012 on an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, with a passion for collaboration and quality. Food Union’s success is rooted in the history of our founder, Andrey Beskhmelnitsky. His vision of delivering dairy with quality through innovation, saw him exponentially grow Russian dairy company, Unimilk in just ten short years. In 2010, Unimilk merged with Danone, a world big yoghurt maker and Andrey started Food Union to continue this legacy in new markets.

We continue to invest in the future of dairy, ensuring that our customers trust in our dedication to quality and flavour.

Not all dairy is created equal

Freshness isn’t just about ingredients; it’s a promise.

Fresh dairy means real nutrition and flavour in every product. Our roots in Europe, along with our 100-year heritage of quality dairy, have given us a strong position.

Our knowledge and expertise span everything from sourcing and product development to distribution, tracking methodology, brand development and child nutritional sciences.

From the ground up, we’ve built two dairy plants in China, equipped with European technologies and operational processes. We continue to invest in modern dairy technology and use the food science expertise to maintain the nutritional benefits of our natural ingredients.

From source to shelf, we’re
committed to safety

Our food safety procedures surpass industry standards.
From farm to factory to family fridge, our attention to detail extends to every stage of the process.

Animal Welfare

Working closely with farms, we uphold stringent animal welfare standards. These include a cow’s basic physiological and behavioural needs, health and housing. The happier, healthier and more comfortable a cow is, the higher quality its milk.

Food Safety

We monitor farms to make sure that the national standards are met, ensuring the milk we source is fresh, pure and free from unnecessary additives. Our technologies enable us to ensure quality and food safety with unparalleled levels of detail, delivering peace of mind to all our customers.From a diet of nutritious hay, corn and grass to soft, dry and clean bedding, every detail helps to ensure that cows produce the tasty milk and enjoy their lives while doing so.

Environmental Hygiene

Our focus on food safety starts at the farm. Our suppliers adhere to strict regulations, from using chemicals at their minimum viable quantities, to ensuring that waste is handled correctly and responsibly. We encourage and support sound environmental production processes that respect nature.


Our suppliers are chosen with careful consideration. Milk is our primary ingredient, but any additional flavours are sourced with equal care.

Sourcing Milk

Milk undergoes strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process, from testing to cooling lines. Abiding by nationwide quality assurance practices, we ensure that the milk we use is of the trustable quality and produced responsibly. The freshness of the milk we use is key. The milk we source contains the ideal composition of fat, protein and trace minerals.

Other Ingredients

Fresh fruits and other flavours that enliven our branded products are prepared and sourced by our trusted partners. We make sure that all details are listed clearly on our packaging to meet the standards of quality required by industry certification.

Quality assurance at every stage

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